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Terry Bogard Variations
Fighter ID:
March 15, 1971
Blood Type
Favorite music
Hair Color
182 cm
Special Skill(s)
83 kg
The Hero of Southtown
Personal Treasure(s)
Jeff's gloves, vintage jeans
Playing video games, trolling
Favorite Food(s)
Clubhouse sandwiches / fast food
Fighting Style(s)
Martial arts and Jeff-style Kenka Sappou (Deadly Brawling Arts)

Fatal Fury / Garou Densetsu (JPN)
Neo Geo
Fatal Fury 2 / Garou Densetsu 2 (JPN)
Neo Geo
Fatal Fury Special / Garou Densetsu Special (JPN)
Neo Geo
King of Fighters '94, The
Neo Geo
Member of Italy team.
Fatal Fury 3 / Garou Densetsu 3 (JPN)
Neo Geo
King of Fighters '95, The
Neo Geo
Member of Italy team.
Real Bout Fatal Fury / Real Bout Garou Densetsu (JPN)
Neo Geo
King of Fighters '96, The
Neo Geo
Southtown team
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special / Real Bout Garou Densetsu Special (JPN)
Neo Geo
King of Fighters '97, The
Neo Geo
Fatal Fury Team
Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 / Real Bout Garou Densetsu 2 (JPN)
Neo Geo
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special: Dominated Mind
King of Fighters '98, The
Neo Geo
Fatal Fury Team Available in Real Bout 2 style by holding Start during selection.
King of Fighters R-1
Neo Geo Pocket
Southtown Team member.
King of Fighters R-2
Neo Geo Pocket
New Southtown Team member.
Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition / Garou Densetsu: WIld Ambition (JPN)
Hyper Neo Geo 64
Fatal Fury: First Contact / Garou Densetsu: First Contact (JPN)
Neo Geo Pocket
King of Fighters '99, The
Neo Geo
Fatal Fury Team
Garou: Mark of the Wolves
Neo Geo
SNK vs Capcom: Match of the Millennium / SNK vs. Capcom: Choujou Kessen Saikyo Fighters (JPN)
Neo Geo Pocket
Capcom vs SNK / Capcom vs SNK: Millenium Battle 2000 (JPN)
Ratio 2
King of Fighters 2000, The
Neo Geo
Member of Fatal Fury Team
Capcom vs SNK Pro
Ratio 2Normal and EX mode available
Capcom vs SNK 2 / Capcom vs SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001 (JPN)
King of Fighters 2001, The
Neo Geo
King of Fighters EX, The
Game Boy Advance
Garou Team member.
King of Fighters 2002, The
Neo Geo
Fatal Fury Team
King of Fighters EX2, The / King of Fighters Extreme (N-Gage port)
Game Boy Advance
Garou Team member.
King of Fighters, The
SVC Chaos: SNK vs Capcom
Neo Geo
King of Fighters 2003, The
Neo Geo
King of Fighters Neowave, The
King of Fighters: Maximum Impact
Playstation 2
King of Fighters Mobile, The
Neo Geo Battle Coliseum
King of Fighters M2, The
King of Fighters 2006, The / King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2 (JPN)
Playstation 2
King of Fighters Mobile R-2, The
Fatal Fury Mobile
KOF Maximum Impact: Regulation A
King of Fighters '98, The: Ultimate Match
Garou Team Member.
King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match, The
Playstation 2
Member of the Fatal Fury Team.
King of Fighters 12, The / The King of Fighters XII
King of Fighters 13, The / The King of Fighters XIII
Member of the Fatal Fury Team.
King of Fighters '97 OL, The
King of Fighters 11, The / The King of Fighters XI
Xuàn Dǒu Zhī Wáng / Xuan Dou Zhi Wang, 炫斗之王
King of Fighters 14, The / The King of Fighters XIV
King of Fighters Mobile Part 1, The
Fighting EX Layer
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate / Dairantō Smash Brothers SPECIAL
King of Fighters 15, The / The King of Fighters XV
Fatal Fury Team
Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves / Garō Densetsu: City of the Wolves

Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves
Terry Bogard
South Town’s very own Legendary Hungry Wolf. Following his epic encounter with archrival Geese Howard, he takes young Rock (Geese’s son) under his wing, and the two are inseparable—until the events of a fateful tournament compel them to go their separate ways. Terry fights it out on the streets for several years thereafter, but when word of an upcoming martial arts tournament—“KOF”—reaches him, he realizes that another date with destiny awaits…
Andy Bogard
After decades of speculation, The King of Fighters XIII confirms that Terry and Andy are not related by blood.
Geese Howard
Was Defeated
Using his Power Geyser, Terry sent Geese plummeting from Geese Tower to his first supposed death.
Jeff Bogard
Has imparted some or all of their fighting prowess upon another.
Rock Howard
Terry adopted Rock after Geese's defeat.
Tung Fu Rue
Has imparted some or all of their fighting prowess upon another.
King of Fighters 15, The
Legendary Hungry Wolf
After their adopted father and martial arts master Jeff Bogard was cruelly assassinated by crime lord Geese Howard, Terry and his brother Andy Bogard set off on a mission for revenge where they would travel the world learning various fighting styles.
Terry’s bright personality and acts of kindness solidified him in the eyes of children on the streets as a sort of hero.
King of Fighters II
King of Fighters '94
Terry is passing quiet afternoon in a small park with a view of a small harbor.
Blessed with pleasant weather, he thinks, "This is phenomenal!" even though combining training with a stay at this Italian resort was his own idea.
But his reverie is soon cut short. The cause for this is the delivery of a single invitation with his name on it.
"The King of Fighters, huh?"
He seems a bit bummed by this. And just who is this "R" anyway?
"'R'.... It doesn't seem to be Geese or Krauser.... Hmm. Who could it be? R...R...Uh, Ryuhaku Todoh? Who was that guy?"
Could it be that the genial climate has affected his mental circuitry?
"Hey! Boy, we broke a hump trying to find you!"
Joe Higashi, the perpetually peppy kick boxing dynamo, arrives on the scene. And Andy follows close behind.
"Oh, what's up? Both of you have come? You really did your homework to find me here."
Ignoring Terry, who seems a little taken aback at this sudden visit, Joe continues.
"What's up? Who do you think you're kidding?! I'm talking about this! This thing right here!"
Joe flaps an envelope in his face.
"You're entering with us, aren't you? Right?! We need three members this time! Sounds downright intriguing, doesn't it?"
It does have a certain intriguing quality to it, thinks Terry.
"Terry, who do you suppose this 'R' clown is anyway...?"
Andy ask his big brother, a touch nervously.
"Whatever! Enough chit-chat. Let's get going! What do you say, you two?"
Swept up by Joe's wave of enthusiasm, the two brothers once again resolve to enter the King of Fighters.
King of Fighters '95
Joe Higashi drops in on Terry and Andy, who are busy training on a small island in the Mediterranean Sea
JOE: "If it isn't my old pals Terry and Andy. Looks like you've been working hard."
TERRY: "Our good buddy Joe. You just get here?"
JOE: "Yup.... Yeah, that reminds me. On the way here I dropped by the hotel and this was waiting there for you."
Joe extends an invitation to King of Fighters to the two.
ANDY: "This?! This is an invitation to the King of Fighters!?"
TERRY: "Huh, again? What's this all about?"
JOE: "Beats me. Oh, and on top of that, I just saw Mai, too..."
ANDY: "Huh? J-just hold on there. You mean Mai's here, too...?"
JOE: "She was. She was here all right, but the minute she saw this invite, she realized you two'd be teaming up, got all peeved, and stormed right back on the plane. You sure know how to make the girls cry, don't you, Andy?"
ANDY: "Just why did she do that?! Hmm. Guess she'll be teaming up with the usual suspects. She's really going to be one tough opponent this time."
TERRY: "Be that as it may, just who's sponsoring this little shindig? Rugal was taken out of the game last time.... Could it possibly be Geese? Or Krauser, perhaps...?!"
JOE: "You may be on to something there. By the by, this came with the KOF invite."
Joe pulls out another letter.
ANDY: "What's this...?"
Terry removes the letter from the envelope and skims it over.
TERRY: "Dear Terry, Andy, and Joe. This letter should be reaching you at the same time you get your invitation to the King of Fighters. Just as before, I am unfortunately unable to take part in this year's event, but I've prepared a little fun for you in this time around. I pray you enjoy it. I'm pulling for you.... Your pal, Geese Howard."
ANDY: "Holy Pernicious Poultry! Just what fiendish scheme has Geese in store for us?!"
JOE: "Hmph. Whatever he's planned, we can pretty much surmise that Geese is not the sponsor for this year's festivities."
ANDY: "Then it's got to be Krauser!"
JOE: "Not so fast, my American hot dog...there's no proof of that."
TERRY: "Well, at any rate, Andy and Joe, that's not important now. If there's a KOF tournament to be held in this world, we, naturally, must be there!"
JOE: "That's the ol' pepper! Whatever the circumstances, we gotta enter and win!"
TERRY: "OK, then. If that's the way it's gonna be, we had better start getting ready."
ANDY: "Yeah!"
JOE: "Oh, yeah! Looks like it's time for me to get a little crazy yet again!"
King of Fighters '96
At the exit to Southtown Airport. Passengers of a flight arriving from Japan stream out of the gate. Among them are Andy and Joe.
ANDY: "...."
Andy's gaze freezes on a large-screen TV positioned above the airport's reception desk. An announcement for the King of Fighters is currently displayed on it.
JOE: "So that's, the ad for this year's King of Fighters? Hmm. I see a few old friends are back in the line-up, but, as I figured, she and her friends don't seem to have teamed up yet.
ANDY: "Yeah. Since I got my invitation first, I teamed up with you guys to avoid the usual squabble we have. But Mai still seemed mightily miffed. The last time she called me, I couldn't get a word in edgewise. She just ranted on and then hung up on me."
JOE: "Whoo. That sounds pretty nasty. If you don't do something about it, you know what's going to happen, eh? It must be pretty tough for a stud like you right before KOF, huh?
Andy lets out a forced laugh. But his grave countenance quickly assumes its grim aspect.
ANDY: "Ah...che sera sera, eh Joe? Let's get going. We can't piddle away the rest of the day here. If we don't hurry to the docks, we'll keep Andy waiting."

At the port to Southtown. A man wearing a denim jacket decorated with stars on the back and sporting a red cap has finished unloading his bags and sits down beside them.
TERRY: "Andy should be arriving here any minute. This's all my stuff, so I guess I'll just wait here."
Suddenly something zips by Terry's ear and knocks his cap to the ground. Terry slowly turns his head.
TERRY: "Oh, it's you...."
There stands a grinning man with a three-jointed cudgel held behind him.
BILLY: "I'm impressed. You were able to anticipate my attack in a split second. You've still got it. Then again, I was just playin' and I'm a little disappointed that I got a piece of you."
TERRY: "Are you planning to enter, too? Enter the King of Fighters?"
BILLY: "Nope, sadly not. Even though I do owe Iori Yagami, I'll have to repay him at another occasion. Then again, maybe I won't have to if you know who gets to him first."
TERRY: "You know who? ...He can't possibly...?!"
A limousine seemingly appears out of nowhere and approaches Billy. It pulls up between Terry and Billy, and the window to the back seat begins to drop slowly.
TERRY: "!!!"
GEESE: "It's been a long time, huh...? It will be a while before this is made public, but I'll be meeting up with you in this year's KOF. I'll explain it so even you can understand it. I'm not pulling the strings behind the scenes this time around. But I will be appearing as an invited guest, just the way I want it. So I'll bury all of you, and make sure it looks like an accident.
TERRY: "!...Why, you...!!"
Terry launches at Geese. Simultaneously, voices call Terry from behind. He looks back to see the two figures of Andy and Joe approaching.
ANDY: "Terry! Huh? Hey, that's...! It's Geese Howard!!!"
Billy snickers at the rapidly approaching Andy and slips into the limo. Its windows slowly close.
GEESE: "I'm looking forward to KOF. You're butt's will be mine the next time we meet. Prepare to die, you gnats!"
Andy catches up with Terry just as the limo pulls out and speeds away. Terry picks up his cap and puts it back on.
ANDY: "Terry! That was Geese, wasn't it? That foul fowl is still alive?!"
Terry pulls his cap down over his eyes.
TERRY: "How long are you going to beat that bad pun into the ground? Yeah, he's alive all right. And he's going to be in this year's KOF...."
ANDY: "Say what?"
Joe belatedly catches up with the two.
JOE: "Oh, boy. Looks like we've stepped into another fine mess. Trouble sticks to you like flies on smelly stuff!"
TERRY: "You said it. But as long as that pest lives...he's always going to be in our ointment."
ANDY: "But do you think he's joining KOF just to get rid of us? That can't be the only reason.... What do you suppose he's up to?"
JOE: "The old fowl's just as foul as ever, eh boys?"
ANDY: "Aw, man. You, too? Anyway, we just may find ourselves in the center of the vortex again. ...What's the plan, Terry?"
JOE: "That's a dumb question, eh, Terry?"
Raising the brim of his hat, Terry looks to the two.
TERRY: "Whatever he's up to, one thing we know for sure is that he'll be in KOF. If he comes up against me, I'll take care of him. I came here to chew bubble gum and kick his ass, and, boys, I'm out of bubble gum. Are you up for the challenge, boys?"
ANDY: "Yeah, anytime, anywhere. Joe?"
JOE: "You bet. In Japan, I was totally in the zone. I'm totally ready to rumble."
TERRY: "Geese, you're the one who'll need to prepare yourself. I'm going to give you a basting you'll never forget!"
ANDY: "For sure! Hey, that was a pretty bad pun there, too, big brother."
JOE: "Oh, yeah!"
King of Fighters '97
Aboard an international flight. Joe, for some reason, looks like he's having fun. Andy, on the other hand, wears his usual mask of gloomy.
JOE: "Hunh? What's the deal there? What's with the sourpuss?"
ANDY: "Sourpuss, shmourpuss. You know what's eating me. You forget the purpose of this little trip is for me to visit my father's grave. So what's your story? Why are tagging along for no reason?"
JOE: "No reason? That's harsh! Come on, you and me. The King of Fighters!"
ANDY: "No way. Last time didn't you brag about entering the next tournament alone and showing the world just who Joe Higashi really was. What happened to that?"
JOE: "No, no, that was no lie, Goldilocks! I really did want to do that. But the pieces of the puzzle don't always fall where you want. This time it looks like I'll have to eat a little crow. Why? Because it's fate...ah, whatever. Anyway, I'm just going with the flow. That is, since my plans got tripped up out of the starting block, I threw in the towel on the whole thing. I'm not exactly facing things positively, am I?"
Andy sighs deeply.
ANDY: "I guess I can't argue with that. Be that as it may, how, then, does entering KOF on a team become a decision for "facing things positively?" If you think about it, it doesn't make much sense."
JOE: "Au contraire, the only way into KOF is on a team. Entering alone is hopeless. But I want in! If I approach the matter positively, entering with you two clowns is the natural solution. I'm not telling you to go all out. If you don't want to fight, then don't. I'll take care of the whole thing myself. At any rate, if I don't have any teammates, then it's all academic. Do you get that?"
ANDY: "I don't remember agreeing to enter! Neither did Terry. What's more...!"
Andy clamps his hand over Andy's mouth and tries to get him to fasten his seatbelt.
ANDY: "Hey...! Joe!"
JOE: "Pipe down! We're about to land. Think about the other passengers, for crying out loud!"
Andy takes a look around the plane. The other passengers are giving him the stink eye. Andy clams up to avoid their collective wrath.
Segue to the cemetery. Terry prays at the foot of the grave of his father, Jeff Bogard. He becomes aware of the sound of approaching footsteps. A woman's voice calls out.
MARY: "Well, well, to what do I owe this pleasure? Fancy meeting you here."
Terry calmly opens his eyes and turns in Mary's direction.
TERRY: "Well, well, Mary. It's been a while, hasn't it? I should be saying the same about you, shouldn't I?"
MARY: "I just happened to be passing by, came across a familiar face, and thought I'd say hello. So what's the story? Whose grave is this?"
TERRY: "Uh, today's the anniversary of my father's death. By the way, when did you blow into town? Are you here on business?"
MARY: "I got in last night. I came here today to discuss the details."
TERRY: "Business, then? Idle hands are the devil's workshop, I guess."
MARY: "Idle hands, eh...? Well, that's not exactly the case."
TERRY: "What? Is it that big of a deal, this little project of yours?"
MARY: "It's no cakewalk. Hasn't it arrived at your place yet? This little surprise?"
As she speaks, Mary pulls out an envelope and passes it to Terry.
TERRY: "The King of Fighters, eh? Nope, haven't got it yet. Are you planning on entering?"
MARY: "Uh-huh. But entering KOF isn't what brought me here. I'm here to investigate one of my teammates this time around."
TERRY: "Investigate a teammate? That sounds pretty dicey. Just who is this...teammate?"
MARY: "You're going to flip!"
TERRY: "?"
MARY: "Ryuji Yamazaki...."
TERRY: "Yamazaki?! Get out of town!"
MARY: "And it sure is tough to find out what rock that creepy-crawly is lurking under. Just thinking about having to follow that freak around gives me the heebie-jeebies. And while I'm looking for this clown, my client informs me of another surprise: Yamazaki has teamed up with Billy."
TERRY: "Billy?! You mean Billy Kane?"
MARY: "The one and only. Billy Kane. If my intel is right, I thought it would be quicker to team up with them. And it looks like my instincts are right."
TERRY: "So you've done it-teamed up with them?"
MARY: "Yup. And it was quite easy."
TERRY: "Yamazaki and Billy.... That sounds pretty fishy."
MARY: "A rotten fishy, more like it. That's what's sticking in my craw. I usually don't worry about my client's identity, but this know? I just have a feeling there's a major syndicate involved...perhaps one like...."
TERRY: "Geese!"
Mary nods without saying a word.
TERRY: "Geese is planning on entering?"
MARY: "No. Not this time. In his stead, he's dispatching Billy, or that's how I could read the situation, huh?"
TERRY: "To what end?"
MARY: "If I knew that, I could go home now, but I just can't say."
TERRY: "If Geese is pulling the strings behind the scenes, maybe I should do a little investigating myself, huh...?"
Before he realizes it, Mary is off on her way. As he looks back, he notices her cranking up her motorcycle which is parked at the cemetery gate.
MARY: "At any rate, I'll enter the tournament and keep my eye on the situation. So...I guess the next time we meet will be at the tournament."
TERRY: "Yeah, maybe. Don't knock yourself out. You will be my opponent."
MARY: "Thanks. And I hope no one special stops you from winning this year!"
Mary leaves the cemetery. Terry, too, begins to head back home. Over his shoulder Terry hears the shouts of a familiar voice.
JOE: "Hey, Terry!"
TERRY: "Joe! What brings you here?"
Overtaking Joe, Andy shouts:
ANDY: "Terry! Don't listen to him! Don't pay any attention to what he has to say!"
The two finally reach Terry. Getting the better of Andy, Joe starts his pitch.
JOE: "Terry-you, me, and Andy! The King of Fighters!"
ANDY: "Absolutely not. Your motives are all whack, Joe!"
JOE: "Oh, you sound like a wimp. Mai'll lose interest with that kind of attitude!"
ANDY: "Don't you dare bring Mai into this!"
JOE: "You're up for it, aren't you? Terry?"
ANDY: "No way! You can count me out, Terry!!!"
TERRY: "Sounds like a plan, that proposition of yours."
JOE, ANDY: "Huh?!"
TERRY: "Let's get going. The King of Fighters awaits!"
JOE: "OK! Good to know someone gets me. Terry, you rule!"
ANDY: "What the...? ...Et tu, Terry?"
TERRY: "Aw, Andy, lighten up. Anyway, you two must be hungry, eh? How about a little lunch at the Pao Pao Caf? We can go over the particulars there."
JOE: "OK, let's go. Let's go, go, go. Hey, Andy! We're in!"
ANDY: "Good grief, both of those guys are totally loopy. Joe and Terry...."
King of Fighters '99
When I met up with him again, he didn't sense anything different.
While I was training, it took a while for me to realize that the phone was ringing.
When I became aware of it, the phone must have already rung 10 times, and I managed to pick it up just as the caller was about to hang up.
A familiar voice on the other end of the receiver chewed me out.
"Hey, thanks for finally picking up lead butt."
The tone of his voice was more reassuring and calm than complaining, I felt that he was smiling on the other end, happy to be talking to a friend after a long while.
After exchanging one or two pleasantries, the caller soon got right to the reason for his call in his typically matter-of-fact way, or put more bluntly, in his usually rude way, but when I heard his story, I felt a feeling of relief.
"It looks like a private event this year. And it looks like we'll be able to enter as a team of four. The other know who they are! Let's meet at the place we always do, you know when. You do remember the place, right? ...I'll let the other two know myself. Let's win this again, OK?"
Apparently the invitation had only been delivered to him, and he called me up right away.
Of course I had no reason to turn him down. No...not since I wanted to test the results of my unsparingly grueling training, anyway. I left Japan right away. It had been a while since I last saw the gang too, so I checked into a Southtown hotel a few days before the tournament and anxiously waited for them to show up.
The morning of the appointed day.
That day was more blisteringly hot than usual, and I realized that the bed was cool because it was drenched with sweat when I woke up.
When I think about it I must have had the dreadful premonition then too.
It took about 30 minutes to the meeting place from my room.
I checked out of the hotel quickly because I wanted to walk to take a jaunt around the old streets of Southtown I had not seen for a while.
The moment I got out of the hotel, a familiar voice called out my name a few times.
When I looked back I saw him walking quickly toward me, wearing that familiar red cap, the brim down over his eyes.
So the both of us headed to the meeting place together, and I gave up any thought of enjoying a pleasant walk through the streets of Southtown.
At that time I didn't think that anything in particular had changed with him. He talked in his usual outgoing manner with that winning smile on his face, didn't appear to be injured in any way, and looked his usual strong selfE figure whom even the meanest-looking military types strutting confidently down the street made a point of getting out of his way, his arms of steel rippling with those muscles, and that unnatural chest that the buckshot of the most powerful shotgun would bounce off of even though the weapon would drop a lion with a single shot.
We came to Southtown's main street. The city had been changing dramatically these days I heard, and my eyes were struck by the sight of skyscrapers I had never seen before and the streets of high-quality fashion shops and jewelry stores.
It was Sunday and people thronged along the streets of the shopping district, clearly oblivious to such matters as "economic downturns" and "war footing;" they exhibited the prosperity brought by peace.
While gazing at the children, laughing with joy while accompanying their parents who had come to ship, he muttered,
"...I wonder if I'll be coming back this time..."
His comment shocked me.
When I saw the unfamiliar expression on his face, different than anything I'd ever seen, I finally was able to realize the graveness of the matter.
Yes, it was like he was going to his death...!!!
Realizing the amazed expression on my face, he quickly changed the topic to other unrelated matters, as if trying to get me to forget what he had just said.
I, too, tried to come up with something suitable to say, but I could only get through the awkwardness of the moment with a nod and a nervous laugh.
An sense of dread choked us, and we walked on for a while in silence. I tried not to think about what grim fate awaited us, but that expression then burned itself into my memory, and I couldn't shake it out of my head.
The voices of two people calling our names shattered our silence.
Apparently, unawares to us, we had already reached the meeting place, but when I glanced at my watch, I discovered that we were about 15 minutes late for our meeting.
"Wow, those guys are fast. Oh, Joe already here, too. If you don't hurry up, pal, Mai's gonna thump you upside the head."
He said this with a laugh and the two waiting for us ran toward us.
Sure enough, Mai appeared a little miffed, striking her usual pouty pose at the slightly late Andy and me.
Looking back, when I recall the image of the back of him running toward them, maybe it was a result of the ungodly heat of that summer day, he looked so far away from me.
King of Fighters '00
A lone man enters the hallowed ground; silent monuments stand vigilant over the lonely field where there's no sign of another living soul.
"So another year has passed since I've visited here."
Every year at this time, Andy comes to visit the grave of his dead father.
The piercing sunlight, the carpet of green that covers one side of the grounds, the gravestones stood in careful order-in this landscape that seems to never change between each visit, something has changed this year.
"...So it looks like I'm all alone this year."
He walks on, resigned to the fact. His big brother should be at his side every year.
But for this entire year, Andy has been unable to discover anything about Terry's whereabouts.
As he mulls this over, Andy arrives in front of his father's gravestone.
"It's been too long, Father. I'm sad to say that this year Andy...."
He stops while trying to complete his sentence. In spite of his one year absence, the gravestone gives off a gleam as if it had just been polished moments ago.
And a single wreath decorates the foot of the gravestone. Surely someone has just been here.
"...Could it be...?"

What time does this make it...? I see the terrible mess as I return to my room. This has been going on for some time.
The beginning of this string of events began the day I received the job....
On that day a clinging sort of humidity infused my room.
An electronic noise shattered the stagnant air and echoed through my environs.
The source of this noise was my laptop computer that failed to function and preserved the silence of my room.
A few weeks later, I noticed something in my mailbox.
"It's been quite a while, huh?"
There was no way I could miss this. It was a single letter there, addressed to me, Mary Ryan.
No new jobs had come my way to a degree that I was beginning to enjoy it.
This job, though, comes as it had been exactly what I was waiting for....
"Just what is this all about...?"
It was an investigation that was carefully spelled out to the last detail. And among the many instructions, one involved me going deep undercover.
The subject of my investigations: the King of Fighters....
"...Considering how long its been, this is way to big for me alone to chew on...."
This was material sufficient enough for my gut to tell me something.
"Well, it looks like I'll need to make a few preparations first."
And the first thing I decided to do was set about investigating my new client.
I thought something was a little fishy, but if I played the course of events out through the King of Fighters, I felt I just might run into a certain someone.
The person I'm searching for now...
But at this point in time, I was not really thinking that something would actually happen to me....

It was obvious that someone was observing me.
But this was no simple surveillance. Even for a specialist at investigation like me, the surveillance on me was so perfect I could find no traces of it.
Since this was my profession, I've learned a few tricks, but this was the first time I had been completely neutralized.
Seeing how things had been escalating recently probably explains why I've been on pins and needles recently.
"There's more to this job than meets the eye. This is probably a warning that I should keep focused, keep silent, and finish my work.... If I don't put all my effort into this, I may end up getting more than burned."
It was then I decided what to do.
"If this's how it's going to be, then I'll have to play the consummate professional myself."
I took my well-worn helmet in hand and left my apartment.
"It's getting a little tough to look for him at the same time...."
I mounted my bike as I always do and kicked the engine on.

"So what does it mean, Andy? You're telling me that Terry is in town now, are you?!"
"It's a strong possibility. Even Mary's having trouble finding any clues, so I was wondering what I would do for a moment there."
"Hmm, I guess my presence, my aura, is what beckoned Terry here."
"...Yeah, yeah, I got it, Joe.... More important than that, I should tell Mary about this incident. Joe, why don't you keep looking for Terry...What the...?
BA-BOOM! ...The sound of an explosion abruptly cuts Andy off.
"What was that?"
Joe rises to his feet next to the surprised Andy.
"...I hear...I hear someone calling my name!"
At the same time, Joe runs away.
"H-Hey, wait up, Joe! ...For the sake of the Shiranui, just what did that clown come here for? That bozo...."
Andy heads toward the direction of the explosion, in pursuit of Joe.

I knew I felt someone was watching me. Even if it's meant to be a joke, I couldn't say it was friendly one.
Something I felt at that time kept me from moving....
And I'm now in pursuit of the man who I felt watching me.
The wave of people between me and the man became gradually stronger. And as I felt that, the figure of the man vanished.
"Tsh, come on. Don't lose the guy now...."
The figure disappeared from my sight in the flash of an eye.
"...Just how much do you know, Terry Bogard?"
The voice didn't even give me time to look around; I heard it come from behind, out of nowhere.
I couldn't process what had happened. While I barely saw the guy, I remained still.
"All you have to do is stay cool, Mary Ryan...."
Mary? That name echoed in my head as I was overcome with anxiety. Then it happened,
The sound of an explosion reverberated from somewhere not so far from where I was standing.
While the people around me were still shaken by the sound, that man and me clearly gave off a different aura than those around us.
At that time during that tense standoff I could not help being able to notice a slight opening.

"He's pretty serious, it seems."
I didn't think someone had fiddled with the breaks to the motorcycle. Someone emerged from the crowd that seemed to surround me.
"What? Mary, is it?"
"What? Mary?"
"Joe, and Andy, too!"
Of all the things to happen, the timing of this event couldn't have been worse....
"Hmm, looks like I wasn't wrong about the voice that called me."
"...Oh, baloney. What a crock! By the way, I was just about to contact you. Who'd've thought it would have played out like this?"
"Uh, yeah...So just what do you have to tell me? That you found something out about Terry, perhaps?"
As a matter of fact, I couldn't tell them everything I found out then. Since I was caught up in other pursuits, I had to make sure these two concentrated on finding Terry. But I couldn't very well ask them directly to help me out when I had found Terry....
"Yeah, yeah. That's it! Terry just may be in town!"
"No way!"
At that instant, we heard the sound of something falling behind us. There was also another simultaneous noise in our vicinity.
We looked back to see an unconscious man on the ground and a familiar face.
"Fancy meeting you guys here."

Judging from Terry's story, that man was without doubt the very one who had sabotaged my motorcycle.
And as the situation was explained to me, I realized I could no longer ignore the circumstances of my job and the things that were going on around me.
"Terry, just what have you been up to all this time?! Since you didn't call us we were all worried sick!"
"Yeah, I'm sorry about that.... More importantly, just who is this clown, Mary?!"
Terry pulled down his cap hard over his eyes as he asked me this.
"...I don't think you'd be satisfied if I told you that he's no one important."
I couldn't deceive them any longer. I told the three all about the things I had been dealing with.
"Shouldn't you just ignore it and move on?"
"I can't do that either. If they're willing to go to these lengths, what do you think they'll do if I just blow them off?"
"If you keep doing that, Mary, you'll be nothing more than their servant."
Yes, Joe was right. But if my client had done all these things so far, this job was sure to be even more trouble than I had imagined.
At that moment, Terry interjected suddenly.
"OK, I got it! This year all four of us are entering together!"
"H-Hey, it's that simple, is it? I just told you, didn't I? Even if I do my job, there's no guarantee that we'll be in the clear. Not only that, this is my job. If you're doing this out of sympathy, I don't need your help."
"Do you think we'd risk our lives out of sympathy?! It's not that cut and dry...No, sirree..."
It was a while since I saw Terry angry. More than being surprised at his anger, the last thing he said is what really stuck with me.
"No, sirree...?"
"...That's what I said...."
I felt that he had something more to say to me.... But Joe blabbered on, ignoring what had just transpired.
"Well, it would be a waste not to enter the tournament, wouldn't it? And we can't do that alone, can we?"
"Th-That's for sure...but is it really OK with you? There'll be no turning back, you know?"
"Of course I know that! But if we enter, we enter to win, so don't hold us back!"
Again it was Terry's words to me that stuck with me, but, to be quite honest, I was grateful for their cooperation.
Whatever the case may have been, I knew this was one job that I wouldn't be able to do on my own....
I knew I had to change my attitude.
"Leave it to me. If I join up with you, you're sure to have a lot more firepower.... By the way, if I join up with you guys, what about Andy?"
"What? Oh, no, not again...Mai...."
We all fell silent. Finally Terry, his cap tight around his eyes, placed a hand on Andy's shoulders and silently nodded his head.
Joe was his usual self.
"Ah, what the hey? I'll explain things so Mai will understand. Don't you worry your pretty blond head, Andy-poo."
"...No way, you'll do nothing of the kind... You'll just make things worse...."
"I'm sorry, Andy."
"Oh, what am I going to do...."
I saw this coming.... Mai is always the one to blow her top when others enter the picture.
"No, when stuff like this happens, Andy's the one to suffer most. You'll be looking into the maw of hell itself this time, won't you?"
That's a bit of an exaggeration, Joe. A very little bit, though, I believe.
King of Fighters '01
A pleasant breeze blows through a clear blue sky.

The unbroken laughter of children playing football and baseball echoes throughout Southtown's only park-you guessed its name by now, Southtown Park. A man wearing a familiar red cap makes his way to a group of kids playing basketball.
"Hey, kids! How goes the hoops?!"
"Hey everybody, it's Terry! Awesome! You came again, too, like you promised!"
After a quick pick-up game, Terry sits on a bench to chat with the kids.
"Terry! I've seen all the commercials on TV, so you must know there's another King of Fighters this year! Are you going to enter?!"
"Huh?! Hmm, is that so? This year, too? ...Come to think of it, I've entered every year, haven't I...?
"Gee, Terry, I'd sure like to see you fight again this year! You're this town's hero!"
"Me, too. Seeing you fight gives me courage! Since me, heck, everyone here, is all alone, you're all we got...right?"
Terry always keeps tabs on the boys here in the park. Like them, Terry happens to be an orphan. And like his adoptive father Jeff did with him, he wants to provide them with the courage and hope to overcome their circumstances.
If it allows him the opportunity to keep seeing these kids' smiling faces...then Terry has made up his mind.
"All right! I'm in!"
"You mean it? All right!!!"
Looking at the children's faces, Terry recalls those halcyon days spent with his adoptive father Jeff, and looks off in the distance as he waxes nostalgic. Suddenly, a woman arrives and, dismounting her motorcycle, heads in Terry's direction.
"What's the word, Terry?"
"Oh, Mary! Long time no see. How did you find me here."
"I knew you'd be here. Call it woman's intuition. By the way, you seemed to be having a good time a few minutes ago. I wonder what you were you talking about then."
"As a matter of fact, I've decided to enter this year's KOF tournament. I thought I'd show these little tough guys here just what I'm made of."
"Is that so? Well, as a matter of fact, I've decided to do the same. And my new assignment, as usual, has something to do with KOF."
"The Dickens you say. Then I guess I'll have to help you out, Mary. How about cracking a few skulls together, for old time's sake?"
"Ooh, hoo, hoo, in your dreams. It is true that I've got a job, but that doesn't mean I'm just here on business.... But if you say you're going to enter, shall I put my work aside to help you out?"
" really got a mouth on you. Well, then I'll put it more formally: will you enter with me, again?"
"If you put it that way, of course I will, Terry!"
"Did you see that, kids? Looks like we're going to win this year, too!"

Meanwhile, back in Japan. Andy is focused in his training with a young lad in the hometown of the Shiranuis. The name of Andy's young charge is Hokutomaru.
Andy is practicing hard and shows no mercy toward Hokutomaru, although the kid looks like he's, well, just a kid.
As the day inevitably turns to dusk, training draws to an end and Andy begins to address Hokutomaru.
"You've heard of KOF, haven't you, kiddo...?"
"Of course. You're always rambling on about it, Master."
"Uh, yeah. About KOF then...I got a message from my big brother. And this time I'm going to be on my brother's team again,'re coming with me, too. At long last you're going to get a real taste of actual combat."
"OK...Sounds cool!"
"Uh, and one more you think you could use your wiles and break this news to Mai? If I tried to tell her, well, you know how it goes...don't you?"
"Aw, Master, do I have to go through that again? I always have to smooth things over with you and the Shiranui maiden...Hey, that reminds me: You opened a training gym in Southtown, right? Why don't you keep yourself under wraps there for a while?"
"That's no good. I'm positive Mai already has that place staked out."
"Probably. Tough break, Master. I think you'd better handle this matter yourself. Later!"
In a flash, Hokutomaru scrambles up the trunk of a large pine tree near by, jumps from branch to branch, and in no time disappears into the forest.
"Hey, hold on there! Hey!"
For an instant, Andy looks like he's at the end of his rope, but then a smile comes over his face, as if approving of his little disciple's progress.

Meanwhile, Joe has been devoting his time, day in and day out, to participating in kick boxing matches in Thailand. One day, he takes a break to drop by his old gym.
But returning after a long absence, he finds the gym in a pitiful, run-down state, only a few athletes in residence. Joe spies the Chairman ringside and strikes up a conversation.
"Hey, Chairman, it's been a while. What's going on with the gym? What happened?"
" Oh, Joe! Where have you been keeping yourself...? It's an honor welcoming the Champ here, but our village has had some tough times recently...I wish all my boxers could earn a living doing the old Muetai, but when it comes to merely making a living, there are so many other speedier ways to do it these days. If things keep up like this it'll be just a matter of time before I have to close up shop."
As the Chairman finishes explaining his predicament, a well-worn boxing glove rolls along the floor; he picks it up and strokes it tenderly.
Joe's heart breaks seeing this scene and he cannot suppress a scream of rage.
"Get a grip, Chairman! I'll do anything I can, just promise you won't close the gym."

A few days later, Terry, illuminated by the early morning sun just peeking over the horizon, stands before the gravestone of his dead adoptive father.
Two men approach as Terry places the flowers before the gravestone.
"How's life been treating you these past months, Terry? Landing all your punches?"
"Lookin' good, Andy. So Joe's with you, too? How's it been? I've been hearing a lot of rumors about you."
"Hey! You look the same as ever! I guess it's just not the same without us three together, huh?"
"You said it. And we're supposed to meet up with Mary at the tournament."
With each of their own thoughts in mind, the three set their goals for this year's KOF before Jeff's gravestone.
King of Fighters '03
At the appointed coffee shop, the figure of Terry Bogard is still nowhere to be found.
The seats of the open terrace are fully exposed to view from the street. The two sitting in the delicately constructed chairs are men of exceptional build. Between the two, one is the champ of Muay Thai kickboxing, and the other is the king of professional wrestling.
"...Don't sit there like a clam. How about a cup of Java?"
"Look, if you'd just take off that bird mask, you'd be able to drink it, right?"
"It's not a bird. It's a griffon mask."
"Whatever! Take it off. Now! Thanks to your whack little mask, even I've begun to feel like a complete freak."
"Being noticed is the fate of a hero, don't you know?"
(...Terry, Andy, enough playing around. You'd better show up, like, yesterday...)
Mind you, Joe is not averse to standing out. But standing out and being part of a freak-show are two different things. Being noticed has got to be on Joe's own esthetic and philosophical terms.
"Hey! It's Tizoc! Tizoc the Griffon! How about an autograph?!"
"Hah, hah, hah! You got it, buddy."
"All right! Thanks!"
Flushed with joy, the child begins to leave...then he and Joe's eyes meet.
"U-Uh, can I get your autograph? You gotta be the Great Ninja Mister Minami, aren't you? You lost the title match with Tizoc recently and became his bootlicker, I hear."
"OK, kiddo. Listen and listen good..."
Had you removed Joe's trademark headband right now, you'd probably be able to make out the vivid blue vein bulging out from his temple.
" really...the one and only..."
"Great Ninja, Mister Minami, aren't you? Sorry. Guess I'm late again."
"Geez, Terry. You're ancient! How about being on time just once, eh?"
With his typically casual air, Terry Bogard made himself known. Squatting down, he looks into the kid's eyes.
"If you're not polite and leave out the 'Mister' he might turn you into a toad with his ninja arts. Mister Minami's pretty tough, you know."
"U-Uh OK. I'll be careful."
"You've got your autograph. Now we've got some important stuff to talk about now, so why not go play over there?" "OK!"
Joe, having been referred to as the 'pretty tough' ninja, throws a hissy fit and takes it out on the waitress by yelling for an alligator steak. Terry orders a cup of coffee.
"Take a chill pill there, Mister Minami."
"Hmph. You got the kids eating out of your hand as always."
"You lack the knack with tykedom."
"Butt out, bird face. So, where's Andy? This tournament...I'm talking KOF, of course. He's in, isn't he? He's doing it, right?"
Terry shrugs his robust-looking shoulders.
"Hey, hey! What do you mean? You're not telling me this beak boy'll be subbing for Andy, are you?"
"It's not a bird. It's a griffon mask."
"That's right."
Whether affirming the nature of the mask or Andy's substitution is unclear, but, at any rate, Terry nods. The coffee arrives. The alligator steak doesn't.
"You remember Andy's disciple, don't you, Joe?"
Terry inquires of his friend while he heaps cream and sugar into his coffee as any Yank like him would.
"Disciple? ...Oh, yeah, that something-Maru guy. Wasn't he just a kid?"
"The mumps, I'm told."
The disciple's condition isn't fatal, but the big A's worried about aggravating his condition. That's why he didn't want to leave Japan at this time...anyway that's the way Andy's message read."
"Hmph. Talk about your doting masters."
"Hey, shut up. In spite of that, he's a tough task master. But I guess that's different from training. I guess you'd call it 'koshi-kondo' in Japanese."
"'Koshi-kondo' ...the phrase that expresses the sublime relationship of trust between master and disciple. The Japanese language sure is cool. Seems your brother is, too."
"He can't match you, champ."
Terry and Griffon. The two exchange a firm handshake across the table.
"Hey, hey. Try to get along, you two. Jeesh! How about I teach you another sublime Japanese expression? It goes, 'Atchi ni ike, kono busu!' Try it the next time you're hitting on chicks."
"Wow. What does it mean? This KOF's sponsor is Japanese, you know. Mixing a little Japanese into my victory speech marks the consideration of a true gentleman."
"Okay, I'll teach you a load of beautiful Japanese expressions after we win."
Terry sucks out the contents of his coffee cup to the last drop.
"Well, here we are. We go with the team we have here this time. I'm counting on you."
"I've got no complaints. As long as chickadee face doesn't cramp our style."
"I've no objections. As long as we fight fair and square, I'm in."
"OK! Everything's copasetic. With this solved I can finally pay my respects to my father."
"? ...Oh, a little memorial visit, is it?"
"My ritual before the tournament. I hate to say this but could you guys wait here awhile?"
"No way! You've got to be joking! You'd have me hang out here longer with the mysterious bird boy? I'm coming along with you."
"It's not a bird. It's a griffon mask!"
"Can it! If the beak fits, wear it. Bird boy! Bird boy! BIRD BOY!"
"It's a griffon mask!!!"
Terry reclines back in his chair and looks up at the sky. His long hair parts to reveal the high wide sky above.
(Pop, this year...what can I tell you?)
"I said stop up your cakehole, bird face! Chew on a caterpillar, why don't you?"
"How about you buttoning up?! For I am Tizoc, the gentlemanly griffon!!!"
(...It looks like it's going to be a raucous and tiring tourney.)
King of Fighters XI
"Hooray for Master Kim!"
"Best of luck!"

Chang & Choi gave a hypocritical--that is to say, blatantly false--er, rather, heartfelt cheer for Kim and Terry as they waited in the airport lobby.
The path leading to this particular turn of events had certainly been a twisted one.
On one of Mai's chance encounters with Andy, she lost her temper and told him it would be just fine with her if they "didn't participate," and dragged him off on a forced vacation... and Joe Higashi had been forced to abstain, as he had a scheduling conflict with a Muay Thai title match.
Finally, Tizoc, who had joined with Terry last year, had already joined a different team for this year, leaving the Lone Wolf in a bit of a tight spot.
It was then that he ran into Duck, looking as carefree as ever.
"Hey, Terry? What's up? You don't look yourself."
Flashy clothes, sunglasses, a mohawk and those high-tone dance steps.
Terry felt his spirits lift slightly on seeing one of Southtown's minor celebrities, and thought he might have a way out of his jam. He replied immediately with a cheerful, "KOF? Sure, why not? Might help relieve the boredom!" Perhaps the gods were smiling down on Terry again.
"But aren't we missing someone, Terry? KOF teams need three people, right?"
"Yeah, I'm working on that part..."

Terry planned on getting the leader of the Korean team, Kim, to split from them.
Since Choi Bounge hadn't participated last year, due to the inclusion of Jhun Hoon, it made sense that he might not participate again this year. And since Jhun wasn't planning to fight this year, the Korean team's roster had was a bit short of the three needed.

"Well, if we invite Kim, that ought to settle things, right Terry?"
"It would be great if he joined us, but I don't think he will."
"Why not?"
"He's worked hard with Chang & Choi. KOF is where they've done most of their training. It wouldn't really be fair of us to cut in on that."

Duck gave an exaggerated shake of his head. He looked remarkably exasperated.
"Uh, Terry, you really should think a little harder."
"Kim's students have improved themselves during KOF, right?"
"Am I right?"


"Hooray for Terry and Duck!"
"We just know you're going to win!"

When presented with Terry's offer, Kim had been reluctant and unsure, while Chang and Choi looked as though they might burst into song and dance. Unsurprisingly, they offered much encouragement.
"If you go without us, Master Kim, you can fight much more powerful opponents," said Chang.
"We can use the time to train more for next year's KOF!" added Choi.
They have not forgotten their feelings are just window-dressed and just want to justify it. As the three boarded the plane, they waved small flags in the lobby, wishing them a safe trip, and the like.
If they'd learned anything in their time with Kim, it was that he was very observant, and was not easy to fool.

"You've done a good job training them and steering them on the right path. Are you a little worried, Kim?"
"Of course not. Hah hah hah!"

He wore his usual smile, and seemed quite confident.
Now his team would be at full fighting strength, but still...
Terry considered their plans, and elbowed Kim in the ribs. He sat down and whispered quietly to avoid letting Duck hear him.
"Hey, Kim. Is it okay for Duck to dress like that all the time?"
"If you think about his prospects, KOF could be the chance to kinda steer him right, you know? Put him on the right track."
"Ah, I see... you may be right, Terry."

Now that he'd been given a goal to work toward again, Kim folded his arms and pondered.
Suddenly, he felt another elbow in his ribs, this time coming from Duck.
"Hey, Kim. Don't you think it's time Terry stopped playing the part of the wandering warrior and settled down somewhere? As a friend, I kinda worry about him."
"If there's anyone who could show him the value of a traditional life, it's you."
"Ah, I see... you may be right, Duck."

Kim was feeling more cheerful than ever.
In unity, there was strength.
Now that he had new goals for which to strive during this new KOF, he could begin his preparations like always. The plane holding the three flew high above Southtown.


"...They're finally gone," said Choi.
"Those two just don't understand Master Kim one bit, do they?"
"You got that right."
"It ought to be fun to see what kind of changes he's inflicted on them when they get back."

"You know, it's actually a little bit lonely here now..."
"Yeah, just a little bit."
King of Fighters III
Terry Bogard
Terry joined the world of martial arts and combat sports in order to avenge the death of Jeff Bogard, his adoptive father who was murdered by the evil Geese Howard. Always cheerful and ready to help others, Terry is adored by the children of Southtown as a hero.
Capcom vs SNK 2
Capcom vs SNK 2 Endings
After winning the tournament, Terry is found training again. "The wolf in my heart and mind must be unleashed again!" The Hungry Wolf continues to shine. A new legend begins...
Neo Geo Battle Coliseum
NEOGEO Battle Coliseum
"A notice for Maximum Mayhem King of Fighters. It's been more than 10 years...". An invitation to a fighting competition finds its way to Terry Bogard who has been thinking of putting an end to his wanderings and finally returning to Second South. Terry's name is listed as the defending champion along with one other name..."What's up, Terry?"
a young boy with brilliant blond hair and red eyes asks. This boy...Rock Howard undoubtedly possess the wings of the phoenix. But now he's nothing more than a chick who's poised to leave the nest. Before long "his true battle" will confront him. Terry wanted to offer him the experience of fighting on a larger stage.
"Rock, heard of a fighting tournament we could both enter lately?"

Fun Facts
Terry's Bizarre Connection
Terry's finger point win pose (adopted since Mark of the Wolves) is a signature gesture of Jotaro Kujo, who uses it frequently in his own games. The significance of the expression "Stand up!" is lost on me, though.
Garou History
In 2006, G-Mode and SNK Playmore released a mobile phone game called Garou Densetsu vs. Fighter's History Dynamite. The game - a beat-'em-up as opposed to a versus fighter - starred Terry Bogard, Mai Shiranui, and Makoto Mizoguchi as playable characters. Many of the generic enemies came from the two series represented, and Geese Howard and Karnov were placed as boss characters.
Sky Stage Heroes
In January 2010, SNK Playmore released a vertical shooter game in arcades called KOF Sky Stage. Playable characters included Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Terry Bogard, Mai Shiranui, Athena Asamiya, and Kula Diamond. Sky Stage was later released for Xbox LIVE Arcade.

An enhanced version of Sky Stage, Neo Geo Heroes: Ultimate Shooting for PSP, added an additional story revolving around Dr. Brown from World Heroes, and introduced characters Marco Rossi, Akari Ichijo, Iroha, and a female A.S.O. from Alpha Mission
FF in GG
Axl Low's background in Guilty Gear features some tiny figures in the distance. Close inspection reveals several of them to be Fatal Fury characters--Geese on the left, then Terry, Andy, Mai, and Joe from the right. Billy and Athena may also be present, but that's arguable.