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Fatal Fury Fighters
Fighter ID:
Blood Type
Favorite music
Hard Rock
Hair Color
178 cm
Driver gloves
Special Skill(s)
70 kg
Best sport
Street Basket (3 on 3)
People who boast all the time
Fighting Style(s)
Kobu-justu (Kobu) + Martial Arts
Personal Treasure(s)
The hat the Terry gave him, his bike (Honda)
Favorite Food(s)
Jambalaya (but he doesn't like the sausages)
Most unpleasant
Women (growing up with a bunch of men, he's become a little shy)
Touring, playing the base (he can perfectly copy any song he hears once)

Garou: Mark of the Wolves
Neo Geo
Capcom vs SNK 2 / Capcom vs SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001 (JPN)
King of Fighters: Maximum Impact
Playstation 2
Neo Geo Battle Coliseum
King of Fighters 2006, The / King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2 (JPN)
Playstation 2
KOF Maximum Impact: Regulation A
King of Fighters 14, The / The King of Fighters XIV
King of Fighters 15, The / The King of Fighters XV
Team Garou
Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves / Garō Densetsu: City of the Wolves

Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves
Rock Howard
Born to Geese Howard, raised by Terry Bogard—Rock’s very being is one of mixed emotions and internal conflict. Despite having lived a new life with Terry, one day Rock finds himself facing off against a foe who claims to know about his past—namely his birth mother, and the fact that she is very much alive. Armed with this new information, the troubled youth resolves to find his own way through life—and fight on in order to make that happen.
Geese Howard
Terry Bogard
Terry adopted Rock after Geese's defeat.
King of Fighters 15, The
Fly-By-Night Wolf
Though he’s the son of the fearsome Geese Howard, this young fighter with a complicated past was raised by Terry Bogard. A virtual prodigy when it comes to fighting, Rock has learned to utilize fighting styles passed down from both his father and stepfather. B. JENET convinces him to join Team GAROU this KOF.
King of Fighters III
Rock Howard
The biological son of the kingpin of Southtown, Geese Howard, and raised by the legendary fighter Terry Bogard. Rock is the ultimate fighter who has mastered Howard’s and Bogard’s fighting techniques.
Capcom vs SNK 2
Capcom vs SNK 2 Endings
Rock felt something strange when he met Geese. Terry gently smiles and tells him, "Rock, next time you see Geese, you will understand and know the truth..."
Neo Geo Battle Coliseum
NEOGEO Battle Coliseum
In the blink of an eye the rumor blazed through Second South: "@char=terry1_faf@'s Back!"
Along with Geese's only son, the legendary wolf absent all these years had at last returned.
For his triumphal, that wasn't it...but the hullabaloo for this competition of varying fighting styles called "Battle Coliseum" which Terry and Rock would join together was indisputable; the city was in an uproar.
"Let's get crackin', Terry!"
Rock Howard, neither impatient nor eager, and not even overconfident, calmly slipped on his gloves and psyched himself up for battle.
The phoenix is now spreading his wings to the sky.
The time to leave the nest has arrived.