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Fatal Fury Games
Fighter ID:
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special / Real Bout Garou Densetsu Special (JPN)
Fighting Game by SNK
Neo Geo
Neo Geo CD
JPN-only, utilizes 1M RAM Cart
Nettō Real Bout Garou Densetsu Special (Game Boy)
Fatal Fury Battle Archives Vol. 2 (Playstation 2)
Compilation release.
WiiWare/Virtual Console
Fatal Fury Battle Archives Vol. 2 (PlayStation 4)
Compilation release.
United States
ACA NeoGeo: Real Bout Fatal Fury Special (PlayStation 4)
ACA NeoGeo: Real Bout Fatal Fury Special (Xbox One)
ACA NeoGeo: Real Bout Fatal Fury Special (Switch)

Terry Bogard
Neo Geo
Andy Bogard
Neo Geo
Joe Higashi
Neo Geo
Mai Shiranui
Neo Geo
Duck King
Neo Geo
Tung Fu Rue
Neo Geo
Bob Wilson
Neo Geo
Neo Geo
Billy Kane
Neo Geo
Geese Howard
Neo Geo
Neo Geo
Laurence Blood
Neo Geo
Iori Yagami
Game Boy
Neo Geo
Neo Geo
Hon Fu
Neo Geo
Neo Geo
Blue Mary Ryan
Neo Geo
Franco Bash
Neo Geo
Kim Kaphwan
Neo Geo
Cheng Shinzan
Neo Geo

2D Gameplay (2D Gameplay)
Air Turn (Air Turn)
Break Shot (Guard Cancel)
Multiple Planes (Multiple Planes)
P. Power (Super Desperation Moves)
S. Power (Desperation Moves)
Franco Bash
Throw Moves

Gori Rush
Punches to the gut and slam.
Command Moves

Barom Punch
Rushing overhead bash.

Bash Tornado
Long roundhouse kick.

Rising uppercut.
Special Moves

Double Kong
qcb+abtn [Breakshot]
One-two punch combo. In Franco's later swollen incarnation, the first punch leaves a shadow fist image which he smashes with the second blow.

Golden Bomber
Quick forward rush hook, with sparkles.

Guts Dunk
Big rising kick followed by a geyser slam.

Waving Blow
One-two punch sending the opponent into the other plane.

Zapper / Meteo Shot (RBFF)
A big blow that creates a shockwave.
Desperation Moves

Megaton Screw
If Franco's rush connects, he crouches down and blasts the opponent into the air with a tornado punch.
Super Desperation Moves

Armageddon Buster / Harmageddon Buster
In RB and RBS, Franco knocks the opponent into the air followed by a period where the player can input directions and attacks to create a followup combo. If no input is made, Franco will just flex and pose. In RBFF2, a successful first hit results in a double-armed hammerblow follow up.
Throw Moves

Knee Smasher
Krauser pulls his opponent in for a knee to the gut.
Command Moves

Death Hammer
Krauser swings and strikes the ground. Hits overhead.

Diving Elbow
(opponent down)down+cbtn
Flying elbow drop against downed opponents.

Kaiser Body Press
(in air)down+cbtn
A body splash (only during high jump).
Special Moves

Blitz Ball
Krauser throws a fireball high with @term=anypunch@ or low with @term=anykick@.

Blitz Ball Fake
Krauser rather unconvincingly fakes a high Blitz Ball--normally his hand would leave a fire trail.

Dangerous Thrust
Grab the opponent and throw them behind, stunned (does no damage).

Kaiser Wave Fake
The beginning of Kaiser Wave's charge animation, followed by nothing.

Leg Tomahawk
qcf+bbtn [Breakshot]
Krauser leaps forward in a broad arc, swinging his leg.

Liftup Blow
Toss the opponent into the air and "impale" them on Krauser's outstretched fist.

Phoenix Thrust
Counters aerial attacks.
Desperation Moves

Kaiser Wave
Krauser charges with arms outstretched, then unleashes a massive wave of energy.
Super Desperation Moves

Gigantic Cyclone
Krauser traps the opponent in a whirlwind generated by his virile spinning clothesline.

Unlimited Desire
Krauser takes a page from Geese's book with the Deadly Rave, causing a royal pain for everyone involved. Requires strict timing of each button press just as the previous attack hits.
Throw Moves

Mudoh Shibari Nage / 無道縛り投げ
Backwards lift-up throw with the staff. Can be followed with Jigoku Mon. In Fatal Fury 3, Sokaku precedes the throw with a giant kanji shout.

Muken Jigoku Nage / 無間地獄投げ
Flip throw.

Shoten Satsu / 昇天殺
(in air)(close)dbackward/down/dforward+cbtn
Sokaku rides his opponent to the ground.
Command Moves

Raigeki Kon / 雷撃棍
(opponent down)down+cbtn
Sokaku slams a downed opponent with his staff butt, summoning lightning.

Shakujoh Joudan Uchi / 錫杖上段打ち
Skywards strike with staff.
Special Moves

Hyoi Dan / 憑依弾
A summoned demon appears over Sokaku's torso and punches rapidly. If the opponent is struck they'll also be subjected to a fierce roar. Sokaku is left exhausted for a moment.

JaKon Mai / 邪棍舞
Chanting a sutra, Sokaku creates a shadow copy of himself that advances while quickly attacking. From Real Bout forwards, several alternate finishers can be tacked on.

Katsu / 喝
Sokaku exposes his face and forcefully shouts. The shockwave absorbs projectiles. In Real Bout Special, Sokaku's face may randomly change into a demonic visage and the move will do roughly twice as much damage. This property seems to be gone in Real Bout 2.

Kimon Jin / 鬼門陣
Sokaku summons a demon to piledrive his enemy.

Makibishi Feint
Fake Makibishi Masher.

Makibishi Masher / まきびし
Sokaku throws a handful of caltrops forward; they arc and bounce across the ground.

Nozaru Geri / 野猿狩り, Wild Monkey Hunt
qcb+abtn [Breakshot]
Sokaku is immobilized while summoning tiny clones of himself. They try to latch onto the opponent and beat him. In Real Bout 2, the tiny Sokakus fly straight forward and summon a pair of demonic hands to squash the opponent on contact.

Raijingu / 雷神愚
Massive upwards strike with staff, followed by lightning strike.

Super Feint
Fake Ikazuchi/Raijin no Ibuki.

Uzuhonoojin / 渦炎陣
Variation on Hametsu no Honou from Real Bout, Sokaku quickly spins into the other plane while on fire.
Desperation Moves

Ikazuchi / いかずち
Sokaku summons a large bolt of lightning with a demon visible inside it. Became quite a bit more impressive in Real Bout Special and again in Real Bout 2.
Super Desperation Moves

Muzan Dan / 無惨弾
A massive demon appears, grabs Sokaku and slams him into the ground, hopefully hitting the opponent in the process.
Tung Fu Rue
Throw Moves

Ressen Sho / 烈千掌, Thousand Palms
(close)forward+cbtn [EX]
Rapid punches.

Sho Ha / 衝波, Spirit Wave
Tung blasts his opponent with ki.
Command Moves

Migi Kou Ryuu / 右降龍, Right Descending Dragon
dforward+abtn [EX]
An anti-air thrust punch.

An anti-air thrust punch.
Special Moves

Dai Sho Ha / 大衝波, Great Spirit Wave
A surge of power flows through Tung's arm and out in a large burst.

Do Gan Ho / 怒顔砲, Furious Face Shot
Tung briefly hulks up and spits a fireball into the air.

Kensei Do Gan Ho / 牽制怒顔砲, Feint Furious Face Shot
Tung pumps his chest as in Ikari Kao Hou but deflates.

Kensei Kyou Shou Ha / 牽制旧衝波, Feint Original Spirit Wave
down+abtn+bbtn [EX]
Tung spreads his arms as if he's going to fire energy.

Kensei Senpuu Gouken / 牽制旋風剛拳, Feint Giant Whirlwind Punch
down+bbtn+cbtn [EX]
Tung starts to spin as in Senpuu Gouken, but stops quickly.

Tung starts to spin as in Senpuu Gouken, but stops quickly.

Kyou Geki Ho / 旧撃放, Original Shock Blow
m-cbtn [EX]
Tung crouches and expels his pumped spirit as if he was charging up for his non-EX desperation, but doesn't go anywhere.

Kyou Ressen Kyaku / 旧烈千脚, Original Thousand Kicks
(close)dp+bbtn [EX]
Command throw version of Tung's rising rapid kicks.

Kyou Sen Shippo / 旧箭疾歩, Original Air Spin Jab
qcb+cbtn [EX Breakshot]
Hopping fist attack. @term=cbtn@ version is longer range and also acts as EX Tung's breakshot.

qcb+abtn [EX]
Hopping fist attack. @term=cbtn@ version is longer range and also acts as EX Tung's breakshot.

Kyou Sho Ha / 旧衝波, Original Spirit Wave
c.dbackwardforward+abtn [EX]
Short range energy wave from both arms.

Ressen Kyaku / 烈千脚, Thousand Kicks
dp+bbtn [Breakshot]
Rising rapid kicks.

Sen Shippo / 箭疾歩, Air Spin Jab
Forward leaping fist strike.
Desperation Moves

Senpuu Gouken / 旋風剛拳, Giant Whirlwind Punch
qc-f2dup+bbtn+cbtn [EX]
Tung pumps up his torso and performs a massive spinning clothesline while moving across the screen.

Tung pumps up his torso and performs a massive spinning clothesline while moving across the screen.
Super Desperation Moves

Bravo Ressen Kyaku / ブラボー烈千脚, Million Kicks
qc-f2d+cbtn [EX]
Extreme version of Tung's rising kicks complete with a trail of duplicate Tungs.

Chou Geki Ho / 超撃放, Super Shock Blow
Tung crouches down to prepare for a big tackle. @term=cbtn@ can be held for a bigger spirit body and more power.
Throw Moves

Bun Nage / ブン投げ
Lift and unceremoniously toss backwards.
Command Moves

Bussashi / ブッ刺し
Straight punch downward.

Kachi Age / カチ上げ
(in air)bbtn+cbtn
Mid-air uppercut with a high hitbox, only likely to hit jumping opponents.

Shouten / 昇天
Uppercut from crouch.
Special Moves

Bomb Bopper / 爆弾パチキ
Yamazaki grabs his foe and gives them an exploding headbutt.

Double Return / 倍返し
Ryuji swipes his arm upward. Hits opponents at close range. Generally the weaker version absorbs projectiles while the stronger version returns a bloody projectile.

Hydra's Judgment / 裁きの匕首
forwarddbackwardforward+abtn [Breakshot]
Yamazaki slashes with a concealed knife.

Sadomaso / サドマゾ
Ryuji taunts his opponent, if struck mid or high he counters with an energy fist.

Serpent Slash / Snake Arm, Snake Tamer, 蛇使い
Dangles arm while button is held, then slashes out in a given direction. In some games, holding for an extended period of time causes Yama to slash three times rapidly.

(opponent down)down+cbtn
A stomp that only hits a firmly grounded opponent.
Super Moves

A leaping uppercut followed by a downward strike. A successful Yamazaki drags his opponent across the floor before kicking them away.
Super Desperation Moves

A command throw followed by a period where the player can mash. The amount of mashing determine's Yamazaki's action and amount of damage.

Fun Facts
Flyin' Jubei
On Tung Fu Rue's background in RBFFS, Jubei Yamada may sometimes be seen zooming across the sky. As he's very quick, tiny, and normally obscured by the game's UI, he is easy to miss.

A producer on a project can have varying responsiblities, from a token credit to being incredibly integral to the work.
Hiroshi Matsumoto
Takashi Nishiyama
Voice Actor

Hiro Yūki as Alfred
Keiichi Nanba as Andy Bogard
Atsushi Yamanishi as Billy Kane
Harumi Ikoma as Blue Mary Ryan
Toshiyuki Morikawa as Bob Wilson
Shigefumi Nakai as Cheng Shinzan
Kappei Yamaguchi as Chonrei
Kappei Yamaguchi as Chonshu
Kong Kuwata as Duck King
BJ Love as Franco Bash
Kong Kuwata as Geese Howard
Toshiyuki Morikawa as Hon Fu
Nobuyuki Hiyama as Joe Higashi
Satoshi Hashimoto as Kim Kaphwan
BJ Love as Krauser
Hiroyuki Arita as Laurence Blood
Akoya Sogi as Mai Shiranui
Satoshi Hashimoto as Terry Bogard
Shigefumi Nakai as Tung Fu Rue