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Double Dragon Fighters
Fighter ID:
Best sport
Blood Type
1.67 m
50 kg
Movies, video games
Fighting Style(s)
Ryu Zui Ken + Tai Chi
Personal Treasure(s)
Chinese clothes and loose socks
Favorite Food(s)
Lizhi (chinese fruit), ice cream
Yun: Brother
Billy: Lover & Boyfriend

Rage of the Dragons
Neo Geo
Power Instinct: Matrimelee / Shin Gōketsuji Ichizoku: Tōkon Matrimelee
Neo Geo
Playable with code. Encountered at random halfway through single player mode.

Rage of the Dragons
Rage of the Dragons
Lynn is unique daughter, from American father and Chinese mother, she lived her childhood in china but had to left the country after the war and they establish in Sunshine city where her grandfather was living since long ago. There she learned the ways of the dragon from her grandfather, but, even that her mother taught her to enjoy the martial arts she often escapes from the hard training and prefers to go to the malls in downtown.

She met both brothers, Jimmy and Billy since she was 14 years old and feels special attraction for the younger brother Billy, all three were under the guidance of the old master Lee Song, she also remembers another students that one day left the dojo in a hurry. The old master trained her under the White Dragon spirit, in that way the master hopes that she will be the next guardian of the old scrolls, with help of Tai Chi Lynn developed a faster and smoother version of the RYU ZUI KEN, but she does not take seriously all this things and makes all what a normal girl of her age does.

She likes to wear the most recent fashion, colorful and miniskirts and hates pants, her father brought a pair of loose socks from a trip to Japan and she loves and for training she prefers a more suitable clothing that usually Master did not approve, and to make some money she gives classes to some students in the backyard of the dojo.

After stop at home after school she heads for the dojo but finds that her grand father had just pass away and fells an enormous power, she knows that is the spirit of an evil dragon and the kids tell her that one strange man was there just some minutes before, in that moment she receives a call from Billy and explains the situation, Billy calms her down and head for Sunshine city to fix the burial of the master and set off to look for the mysterious guy and find if there is a relation between the master's dead and the man.