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Power Instinct: Matrimelee / Shin Gōketsuji Ichizoku: Tōkon Matrimelee
Fighting Game by Noise Factory / Atlus
Neo Geo

Olof Linderoth
Oume Goketsuji / Ume
Kanji Kokuin
Kurara Hananokoji
Mr. Jones
Reiji Oyama
Keith Wayne
Poochy / Pochi
Lynn Baker
Elias Patrick
Annie Hamilton
White Buffalo
Otane Goketsuji
ChinNen / Thin Nen

Annie Hamilton
Anny Hamilton (jpn)
Special Moves

Annie Dynamic
Forward splits-kick. Increased power when D is held longer.

Photon Burst
(in air)qcf+anypunch
A ball of energy fired downwards at an angle, weak for steep and hard for longer range.

Rainbow Rise
Annie flies upward, her arm enveloped in color and light.

Swanny Crash
A swan-shaped projectile flies forward. If executed with hard punch, the swan flies both forward and up.
Super Moves

Angel Halo
backwardforwardabtndbackwarddforwardcbtn [2 Levels]
A halo-shaped projectile is tossed forward. On hit, an angel appears and blasts the opponent with a beam.

Cosmic Throw
hcbhcb+cbtn [1 Level]
Annie rolls forward, then grabs. If the grab is successful, she sends the opponent into orbit.
Thin Nen
Special Moves

Jubakufu / 呪縛符
Chinnen produces a magic talisman, then tosses it forward. On hit the opponent will levitate for a moment, stunned.

Rekkouken / 烈光拳
A series of rapid blows with the fists. Perform while dashing and ChinNen continues to slide forward while punching.

Rengokureiha / 煉獄霊波
Chinnen conjures up a spirit ball, then thrusts forward creating a skull projectile. In the air, @term=1punch@ leaves a ball hanging in place, while @term=2punch@ skips straight to the projectile.

Senkourekkyaku / 閃光烈脚
A rising jumpkick, then a sharply descending kick.
Super Moves

Crumbling Temple
backwarddforwarduforwarddbackwardubackwardforward+dbtn(during stress scream) [3 Levels]
Chinnen ends this rushing combo with three hard headbutts.

Turn of Fate
(hold)abtn,(hold)bbtn,cbtn [1 Level]
Chinnen sends an entire skeleton dashing forward, summoned from the bowels of hell.

Vengeful Priest
qcfdforwardqcb+bbtn [2 Levels]
A furious rushing combo.
Keith Wayne
Special Moves

Knuckle Bomber
Keith rushes forward with multiple flaming punches.

Lightning Slash / Lightning Flash
An arc of electricity shoots across the floor.

Rolling Cannon
Vaulting handspring kick.

Spiral Kick
A flaming kick, the strong version can be repeated up to two additional times.
Super Moves

Final Crash Bomber
qcbdbackwardqcf+cbtn [1 Level]
Keith launches a burst of flaming projectiles across the ground, then follows up with a combo attack.

Volcano Rising
qcfqcf+cbtn [2 Levels]
Keith creates a gout of flame with an uppercut.
Otane Goketsuji
Tane Goketsuji
Special Moves

Heaven Legs Dance / Ten Mai Ashi, 天舞脚
Rising screw kick.

Menace Face / Ikaku Kao, 威嚇顔
A short-range grisly ghost face.

Meteor Swirling Bullets / Ryusei Ranbu Dan, 流星乱舞弾
Otane grabs the opponent and tosses them behind, then pelts them with fireballs while they're disoriented.

Rock Pulverizer Denture / Iwa Sai Ha, 岩砕歯
Otane spits her teeth upwards in an arc.
Super Moves

Goketsu Ryu Ikaku Kao
qcfqcf+cbtn [1 Level]
A large, high-speed projectile in the form of Otane's ghostly face.

Goketsu Ryu Ikaku Kao x3
qcfqcfqcf+cbtn [3 Levels]
Three big projectiles in rapid succession.

Grip of Death
backwarddbackwardbackwardforward+cbtn [2 Levels]
A demonic hand appears from Otane's mirror and attempts to squeeze the life out of the opponent.
Oume Goketsuji
Special Moves

Heaven Legs Dance / Ten Mai Ashi, 天舞脚
(in air)qcf+anykick
A diving screw attack, angle determined by button.

Menace Face / Ikaku Kao, 威嚇顔
Oume's face becomes a monstrous, ghostly visage as she leaps into the air.

Meteor Swirling Bullets / Ryusei Ranbu Dan, 流星乱舞弾
Rapid repeating fireballs shot from one palm after the other.

Rock Pulverizer Denture / Iwa Sai Ha, 岩砕歯
Oume spits her still-chomping dentures directly forward.
Super Moves

Granny Geyser
qcfqcf+abtn/bbtn/cbtn/dbtn [1 Level]
Oume sticks her face into the ground and creates a column of energy at a location determined by button.

Granny Triple Geyser
qcfqcfqcf+cbtn [3 Levels]
Three successive columns of energy track the opponent's location.

Mori ra Kyou
dbackwarddforwardbackwardforward+abtn+cbtn [2 Levels]
A spirit released from a mirror flies forth and latches onto the opponent.
Reiji Oyama
Special Moves

Gekishou Hadouha / 激掌波動波
A flaming ball of chi.

Omae Nanka Kouja
After grabbing the opponent, Reiji flips backwards into a mounted position and pummels them.

Raikoukyaku / 雷吼脚
A rapid kicking attack.

Ryu En Shou / 流炎昇
Reiji rises into the air with a one-two flaming uppercut.

Shouenbu / 昇燕舞
(in air)qcb+anykick
Diving angled kick.
Super Moves

Dragon Rush
hcbforward+cbtn [1 Level]
Reiji executes a dashing combo.

Otoko Oyama Koko Ni Ari
qcfqcf+cbtn [2 Levels]
Reiji strikes the ground, creating an energy blast in the form of a tiger's head.
Special Moves

Saizo tosses a firebomb, but it bounces off the floor rather than exploding (does no damage).

Gokuenshouryuudan / 獄炎昇流弾
Saizo tosses a firebomb on the ground (@term=1punch@ close, @term=2punch@ far).

Ryuuenha / Dragon Flame Flash, 龍炎波
A blue and yellow fireball.

Seienresshouzan / Flame Slicer, 青炎裂傷斬
A charged elbow strike.

Shinkuusenpuuzan / Triangle Tsunami Slash, 震空旋風斬
(in air)qcb+anypunch
Saizo spins downwards to attack the opponent (@term=1punch@ close, @term=2punch@ far).
Super Moves

Gokuaku Noboru Ryu Dan / Flaming Flash Wave
(air)qcfdforwardqcb+cbtn [1 Level]
Stalling in the air, Saizo spins and drops a series of firebombs across the ground.

Hishou Mai Kage Zan / Killer Shadow's Victory Attack
dbackwarddforwarddbackwarddforward+dbtn [2 Levels]
Saizo sends his shadow across the floor. On contact, a copy rises up and brutally slashes the opponent.
White Buffalo
Special Moves

Arrow Shot
An arrow projectile.

Buffalo Storm
White Buffalo stomps up a storm and kicks out an energy buffalo. Becomes faster and unblockable if held as long as possible.

Flying Elbow
(in air)qcb+anypunch
After spinning in the air, a flaming attack aimed down at an angle.

Tackle Blow
Rushing tackle followed by palm strike.
Super Moves

Buffalo Buster
(close)hcbhcb+cbtn [2 Levels]
Repeated jumping powerbombs.

Tornado Tomahawk
downdforwardhcb+cbtn [1 Level]
Buffalo's Native cred falls under suspicion as this rising totem pole has nothing to do with tornadoes or tomahawks.