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Wolverine Variations
Fighter ID:
Late 1880's
Alberta, Canada
Eye Color
Hair Color
5' 3"
Logan, Weapon X
300 lbs.
Full Name
James Maxwell Howlett
Superhero, former spy, samurai, and soldier
Adamantanium Bones and Claws, Advanced Healing Factor
John Howlett Sr. (grandfather, deceased), John Howlett Jr. (father, deceased), Elizabeth Howlett (mother, deceased), John Howlett III (brother, allegedly deceased), Viper (first wife), Itsu (second wife, deceased), X-23 (clone), Akihiro ("Daken", son), Erista (son), Amiko Kobayashi (foster daughter)

X-Men: Children of the Atom
Marvel Super Heroes
X-Men vs Street Fighter
Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter
Marvel vs Capcom
From Marvel Comics.
Marvel vs Capcom 2
From Marvel Comics.
X-Men: Mutant Academy
X-Men: Mutant Academy 2
X-Men: Next Dimension
X-Men 2 / X2 Battle
Marvel Nemesis
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
PlayStation 3
From Marvel Comics
Marvel vs Capcom 3

Pre History
In the latter half of the 20th century, the Canadian government subjected Logan to a bizarre battery of experiments intended to forge the ultimate killing machine. Weapon X scientists grafted the indestructible metal adamantium to Logan’s skeleton and bone claws, and introduced memory implants that shaped his past to suit their ends. Combined with the earlier effects of his healing factor, these false memories have made it impossible for Logan to discern fact from fi ction when recalling his former life. He now knows little of his past, save that it was fraught with pain and loss.

Wolverine was working as an operative for the Canadian government when he accepted Professor X’s offer to join the X-Men. Logan chose to stay on partly out of his belief in Xavier’s vision for the co-existence of humans and mutants, and partly because of his attraction to Jean Grey. During his time with the X-Men, Logan has worked to regain his lost memories, but virtually every answer leads him to even more new questions.

Although he would rarely admit it, Logan remains with the X-Men because he feels the team is the closest thing he has to a family in the world. Serving with the X-Men has given Logan what he had been missing for so long: a cause worth fi ghting for.

Still somewhat uncontrollable and unpredictable in battle, and prone to an occasional berserker rage, Wolverine has proven to be a tremendous asset to the team; he continues to make his home in Xavier’s mansion. Haunted by half-forgotten demons, he fi ghts for those who can’t fi ght for themselves.
X-23 was created as a distaff clone of Wolverine.
Marvel vs Capcom
X-Men vs Street Fighter
The man known only as Logan had his skeleton forcibly augmented with adamantium, a nearly indestructible metal. He has a super-healing ability that makes him nearly resistant to physical harm, chemicals and poisonous gasses. Wolverine once worked as a secret agent for the Canadian government but refused to follow their protocol. He severed his ties with the Canadian government and joined Professor Charles Xavier's mutant group -- the X-Men.
The Heroes' Challenge
A tough hero who shreds evil with his adamantium claws and animal instincts.
The Ultimate Challenge!
A hero with animal instinct and samurai spirit! He shreds evil with his Adamantium claws.
Fate of Two Worlds
This Canadian member of the X-Men is the best there is at what he does, with his healing factor and adamantium claws. But what he does isn't very nice.
X-Men X-Men!
The most celebrated and hardened fighter in Xavier's school Wolverine is a melee machine. Distance is the only effective defense against him, since his Adamantium claws deliver lethal damage.
X-Men: Mutant Academy
The Birth of the X-Men
Logan was taken by a group of scientists as part of the Weapon X program, to perfect and use a technique that would bond the indestructible element adamantium to human bone cells. Logan's skeleton was bonded to the adamantium, and he was indoctrinated into the Weapon X assassin program.