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Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero Master & Apprentice Trailer

The hits just keep coming with Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero’s Master & Apprentice trailer, which focuses on special pairings of trainers and trainees in the series:

*Piccolo and Kid Gohan

*Master Roshi, Krillin, and Yamcha

*Teen Gohan and Videl

*Whis and Beerus

*Future Gohan and Future Trunks vs. Androids 17 and 18


Sparking! Zero on FAB:

Butt is back! Marco Rodrigues returns in Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves!

Previously known as Khushnood Butt for some reason in the west, Marco Rodrigues is the disciple of Ryo Sakazaki and a practitioner of Kyoguken-ryu Karate. He’s made some cameos over the years but this is the first time since Mark of the Wolves that he’s been playable!


CotW on FAB:

Under Night In-Birth II Season Pass Characters Revealed

Looks like starting in August, French Bread and ArcSys will start churning out new characters to download in UNIB II! Uzuki will be available in August, then Ogre in February, and Izumi in August of NEXT year.