Butt is back! Marco Rodrigues returns in Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves!

Previously known as Khushnood Butt for some reason in the west, Marco Rodrigues is the disciple of Ryo Sakazaki and a practitioner of Kyoguken-ryu Karate. He’s made some cameos over the years but this is the first time since Mark of the Wolves that he’s been playable!

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TfQQ1jde5g

CotW on FAB: http://www.fightabase.com/gamesMain.aspx?id=1436&sId=26

Schwarzerblitz endless beta update 1.6: new character(s), new mechanics, more

Schwarzerblitz is a free game that is one of this author’s all-time favorites. The endless beta branch of the game on Steam just got a large update, including the addition of transforming werewolf woman Lucia Lunarossa as a playable character, plus an unlockable boss version of her. Players can also unlock the previously CPU-only characters of Army Soldier, Broken Krave, Dkrav’lest Daevka, and Haemophage, plus a new unlockable in Amy of the Night, who can transform and has altered movelists of Aylin (Amy) and Lejl.

The game also has a new, improved juggle system, and the ability to select past iterations of the characters from earlier versions of the game. On top of all this are further QoL adjustments. Remember, you have to opt in for the beta to receive these updates currently. Instructions are contained in this link.

Schwarzerblitz News Flash: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1287800?emclan=103582791466958011&emgid=4177726963571207062

Schwarzerblitz on FAB: http://www.fightabase.com/gamesMain.aspx?id=1187&sId=26