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You got a lotta fans, you know. A real showman never disappoints!
Dialogue by Poison (Street Fighter X Tekken)

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What a Heavy Day
by Fenix on (56 days ago)
What can I say? The Fight-A-Base is back. It's been over a year of uncertainty but now (despite the truck load of work I still need to do) the BEST SOURCE on the web for fighting game you name it is definitely re-open for business.

I've shifted to a more routine every sunday-ish update schedule, and there's enough submission forms in play to keep contributing types entertained while they wait for more.

Whatever you're here for, I hope you find it and come back for more.

Zipperhead make you dead
by Fenix on (450 days ago)
I'm back from what would've been a vacation if this was a real job and not a largely irrelevant to the world hobby but thankfully I haven't been entirely idle. You probably already noticed I played with the fonts and header spacing a little bit, now biography rankings are finally back (the sub for which will be available soon, I swear)

You can find the link off the main character select page or by clicking any field in a character profile. As an added bonus, the similar character info is now SUPER ACCURATE taking into account both bios and tags automatically. No more weird clicking and loading and clicking some more.


Only winners and losers here.
by ExMortis on (537 days ago)
Starting today and lasting roughly one month, we will be running a PC netplay-based league tournament. Anyone who can join the Steam group can enter. I will be personally buying the winner a Steam copy of Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm. Check this post for details:

Come on, weeniemeister. I'll show you my stuff.
by Fenix on (541 days ago)
Road trips and personal technical difficulties not-withstanding, I did get a chance to make some updates to the site. The most significant of which is that (most of) the content pages use direct links now instead of form submits and java hocus pocus, so no more refresh pop ups and now you can link to a particular character in a particular game's movelist, story, dialogue, etc. There are also ongoing battles with the submission system that I hope to have results from in the near future. I've also made a change to the way tag links are handled, because the old tag page was useless.


I sure have gotten the old stuff back.
by Fenix on (566 days ago)
Look familiar? God, I hope not. The new stuff runs a trillion times better than before so no more huge lags, no more fades, no more cheats. If you hate it, feel free to sound off and maybe I'll change it back.