Shoryuken Sunset
I got the moves like Jago
by Fenix on (6 days ago)
Perhaps it is a good day to update. In addition to a lot of random fixes from over the past couple weeks, the new move sub is finally go. I will be updating it over the course of the week with some stuff that's not ready but not essential. Also, the new sub is designed for filling out entire movelists at a time. A more dedicated single move at a time sub is coming up.

Madonna at a Celibacy Meeting
by ExMortis on (113 days ago)
To further facilitate the community that is Fight-A-Base, or really just piss everyone off that they have to join a new social thing, I started a Steam group.

Seems like more and more fighting games comin' out on Steam these days! Maybe we can organize a GGPO tournament! Or just not really do anything with it, but whatever.

New site updates since last blog include the return of Trivia and Image submissions.

by ExMortis on (183 days ago)
The FAQ has been updated, hopefully covering some helpful hints about submissions. If you're new to the site, be sure to check it out, you might learn something. If you have any additional questions by all means contact me via the twitter or email TruFenix. We'd like to make it as comprehensive as it needs to be.

Also, Dialogue submissions have returned, so go on and quote it up.

Games without releases is bad news, dude!
by Fenix on (201 days ago)
With characters and games and releases and casting subs all finally operational its safe to say the basics are covered. Now, no Korean PC only alien wrestling sim will ever go undocumented again.

Coming up next I'm going to try and do some fun stuff (the kind of stuff that garners actual hits from the search engines.) so stay tuned.

Tags. . . don't die!
by Fenix on (228 days ago)
One thing that always bothered me on the old site was when characters picked up fighting styles, plot twists, or even new clothes and there was really no way to capture this information without confusion (Thanks a lot, MK:DA). So, with the return of tag submissions (for characters) comes the ability to slap them specifically on a game. This means if 5 games down the road that boxer picks up a broadsword, we can capture it.

It's still not a perfect answer. There's no effective way to account for tags "lost" or random curveballs in crossovers and dream matches but IMO its one step closer. Give it a whirl.

Tweet! That's pirate strategy!
by ExMortis on (235 days ago)
FAB has an official twitter account now. / @fightabase

I'll be posting updates as the various submissions come back online as well as any other new additions. Also expect to see stuff that doesn't fit on the site/can't be submitted yet, music and video links, FGC/industry news, etc. If you've got any cool FAB-type tidbits you're sitting on, get at me and I can post them too. Let's social media together, it'll be fun.

Fabby New Year
by Fenix on (260 days ago)
Since I'm already up way too late, I just wanted to drop a quick Happy New Year to everybody who bothers to check this page from time to time. 2013 was kind of a rough year for Fight-A-Base, my own personal life put development on hold and then our host of 6 or so years gave us the boot for flying just a little too close to the sun.

But now we're back and more than a little better for the experience; The site's running on way more recent programming language, the database is faster and more efficient, and I've got a ton of ideas for the future.

Coming up next, I'm taking a break from rebuilding old pages and tables, and planning to finally put the power back in the players hands with some submission forms. I've got much better code for pending, approving, and crediting on the way so getting the site up to date with the last 6 months worth of developments should be a breeze.

I'm eager to see just how big we can grow in 2014, so lets go ahead and get to it. Or rather, lets go ahead and get to it after a good night's sleep.

To strength. To victory. To a one-way ticket to Poughkipsee
by Fenix on (260 days ago)
I've been on the fence about this whole blogging this since early on in the revamp, but it was always something I wanted to do. Honestly, as the user base grew and spam bots got bolder I was afraid of what it might become, but the god's honest truth is, you guys have proven time and time and time again that Fight-A-Base is one of the most loyal, capable, and trust worthy little families out there, and I'd much rather have to police a few bad eggs then keep the good eggs from doing what they do best.

So here's the deal; Anybody who has already or eventually does clear 200 approvals (you can now see that on in the corner) can now post blog entries to the front page. I made the entry fee 200 to keep people from dropping a few tags and using this site as a livejournal, but I figure anybody whose done 200 records worth of damage deserves a say in the day to day.

If you guys want to use this to post news / links, have at it. If you wanna talk about that get together this weekend, be my guest. If you just want an outlet for that fanfic you wrote way back when, feel free. I only ask that you
a) Keep it clean
b) Keep it about fighters
c) Don't pull any web chicanery or otherwise try to obliterate the page formatting.

So there you have it, boys. Out of the shout and into the streets, as they say. Enjoy.

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