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ExA-Arcadia: Why are so many worried about this arcade platform? (MrMKL)

Mike “MrMKL” Levesque has released another video I would consider essential viewing for fighting game fans, as he discusses what ExA-Arcadia is, what is potentially exciting about it, and why more are worried about it than excited.

Several new games and updates were announced over the weekend for the platform at EVO Japan, but based on their exclusivity clauses, it’s highly likely most of the planet will never even play these games…

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFoyfpanijA

See some of the games mentioned in this video here:

Axel City 2: http://www.fightabase.com/gamesMain.aspx?id=1320

Chaos Code Next: http://www.fightabase.com/gamesMain.aspx?id=1415

Breakers Revenge: http://www.fightabase.com/gamesMain.aspx?id=174

Omen of Sorrow: http://www.fightabase.com/gamesMain.aspx?id=1100