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Street Fighter Fighters
Fighter ID:
January 6, 1974
Blood Type
Eye Color
Hair Color
164 cm
86 57 88 cm
Killer Bee
Special Skill(s)
Knife throwing
46 kg
M. Bison (genetic donor)
Cats (SSF2) , Collecting data from fights (SFA)
Anything when she's pissed off (SSF2) Sympathy (SFA)
Fighting Style(s)
Cammy's fighting style consists of quick steps looking for an opening to use her most powerful attack. Her graceful movements and smooth acrobatics give her incredible maneuverability for taking down her enemeis. The enhancements she gained from Shadaloo's experiments have given her rapid reflexes and increased strength. Her deceptively small body possesses incredible fighting abilities.

Super Street Fighter 2
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo / Super Street Fighter 2 X (JPN)
Also playable in "Old" mode with code
Street Fighter: The Movie
Street Fighter Alpha 2 / Street Fighter Zero 2 (JPN)
Only playable in Versus and Training modes of the Street Fighter Collection edition of SFA2 Gold. Fully playable in all modes of the Street Fighter Alpha Anthology edition of SFA2 Gold. Based on X-Men vs. Street Fighter Cammy.
X-Men vs Street Fighter
Street Fighter Alpha 3 / Street Fighter Zero 3 (JPN)
Capcom vs SNK / Capcom vs SNK: Millenium Battle 2000 (JPN)
Ratio 1
Marvel vs Capcom 2
From Street Fighter series.
Capcom vs SNK Pro
Ratio 1
Normal and EX mode available
Capcom vs SNK 2 / Capcom vs SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001 (JPN)
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix
Playstation Network
Street Fighter 4 / Street Fighter IV
PlayStation 3
Available only in home versions.
Super Street Fighter 4 / Super Street Fighter IV
Xbox 360
Street Fighter X Tekken
PlayStation 3
Ultra Street Fighter 4
Street Fighter 5 / Street Fighter V
Ultra Street Fighter 2 / Ultra Street Fighter II
Hyper Street Fighter 2 / Hyper Street Fighter II
Playable only in SSF and SSF Turbo modes
Street Fighter 6 / SF6

Street Fighter 6
Cammy White
Member of British special forces unit Delta Red. Distinguished herself in the operation against Shadaloo, with which she shares a fated connection. Hyper-competent but somewhat moody. Currently working at HQ.
M. Bison
Cammy was created as a distaff clone of Bison.
Marvel vs Capcom
X-Men vs Street Fighter
She is a member of Bison's bodyguards and completely under the control of Bison's incredibly powerful mind control. From time to time she seems to show some form of humanity, but until she gains full self-control, she will remain a slave of Bison.
Street Fighter
Street Fighter: The Movie (Arcade) endings
Cammy proves her leadership and military skills by defeating Bison and his troops where so many other had failed. Cammy is soon promoted to general and becomes the first female leader in the A.N. army.
Street Fighter: The Movie (Console) endings
A perfect complement to Colonel Guile's aggressive style during the crisis in Shadaloo, Cammy returned to her position in the British Secret Service after General Bison's defeat. However, the British Government has been known to lend Cammy to the Allied Nation Forces for special assignments. Most recently, she was once again at Colonel Guile's side as he planned for a strike in the Middle East.
The Tournament Begins
Currently an agent of British Intellgience, Cammy was found suffering total memory loss near a British Military installation. Taken in by British Intelligence, Cammy underwent Special Forces training and quickly rose to the head of the class. Now working undercover in the World Warrior tournament, Cammy is about to learn the truth about her startling past.
The Tournament Begins Anew
CAMMY was created to be a soulless assassin for M. Bison, but after becoming aware of herself she left Shadaloo. The escape was difficult and she made it out of the organization’s base only to fall unconscious. She awoke with amnesia at the doorstep of the British paramilitary government organization, Delta Red. With elite fighting abilities implanted by the Shadaloo flowing through her, Cammy was welcomed into the Delta Red team. Through her work with the government organization, she encountered Bison in the second World Warrior tournament and her memories returned. After the defeat of Bison and Shadaloo, Cammy returned to her Delta Red teammates ready to live her own life.

Now rumor is Shadaloo is back and Bison along with them. Cammy is ordered by Delta Red to join the tournament and use her superior close range combat to climb the ranks and investigate the crime syndicate’s activity.
Super Street Fighter IV
This young woman is a member of the esteemed group of operatives known as Delta Red. She was discovered three years ago with amnesia and taken under the wing of her commander, Col. Wolfman.
Capcom vs SNK 2
Capcom vs SNK 2 Endings
"MISSION ACCOMPLISHED." A voice echoes within her. Instantly, all her learned combat data is erased. The voice continues. "YOUR NEXT MISSION IS..."
Street Fighter X Tekken
Unrelenting Soldier
A young woman who belongs to the Delta Red team in the Secret Intelligence Services' Special Forces Unit. She was formerly one of M. Bison's brainwashed soldiers, but has since reverted to her former self and now works closely with her comrades. She speaks with level-headed attitude, but due to her comrades she can come off as a tomboy at times. When Chun-Li requests her help, the two begin their investigation of both Shadaloo and the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Fun Facts
In 2000, Capcom released Cannon Spike (USA, Gunspike JPN) for Naomi and Dreamcast. A top-down shooter developed by genre masters Psikyo, it featured a number of Capcom mainstays in starring roles.

The arcade version featured @char=charlie_sfa@, @char=cammy_stf@, and a redesigned @char=arthur_mvc@ alongside original characters Shiba Shintaro (the skateboarder) and Simone (the lady). Exclusive to the Dreamcast were bonus characters @char=megaman_mvc@ and @char=bbhood_das@.

@char=vega_stf@ also appeared in redesigned form as "Fallen Balrog," a boss.
Cammy inexplicably shows up as a pit fight opponent in Metro City's Japantown, in the game Final Fight Streetwise. Looking a tad bit older than even any of her other incarnations and with a bit of a different outfit, it seems that even Delta Red agents can fall on hard times and need a quick buck.